MRI is the most advanced scanning technique for the disease of Brain, Spine and Joints. We have MRI scan 1.5 T permanent from MDI Technology USA is the ultimate tool for of diseases diagnosis of Brain, Spine, Joints & also abdomen & Pelvis. MR Angio/MR Venography is a noninvasive technique for disease of arteries & veins of Brain without using a contrast. Diffusion weighted images are useful for early diagnosis of stroke. Using a powerful magnet and pulse radio waves the detection coils in MRI read energy produced by water molecules in our body, after they misalign themselves after each radio frequency pulse. Subsequent images obtained are created by a computer. Since they are magnetic waves they do not cause tissue damage. MRI is preferred over a CT scan for imaging structures such as joints, the brain, and the spinal cord, where clearer and more anatomically detailed images are required. CT scans should therefore not be used if fine detail of soft tissues is needed.

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